Our Affilated Company The Lewis Group Inc and its mission since 1979

Dr. George K Lewis : President, The Lewis Group INC founded in 1979.

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Our Director in Malaysia : Expert in TQM, ISO, Six Sigma, Blue Ocean Strategy, Kaplan and Seven habits.

Dr. Jeffery J Louis : Trainer/Principal Consultant/ COO SRI College.

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Mr Olalekan Adekunle : Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for Grann Corner-Stone Int’l ltd.

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Cruise Management
Professional Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management (2 Years program). Forthis program students have to attend theory and practical training weekly basis and from the starting month to end of the program student will get free food, accommodation and allowances per month USD $ 233-300.
SIAM University - International MBA
SIAM’s mission is to produce graduates who are highly skilled, efficient and confident in their fields of study and ultimately in their chosen careers. SIAM recognizes that values such as ethics, corporate good governance, and broad-mindedness are essential to the sustainable development of Its graduates and intends to instill these to its students. SIAM continuously aims for excellence in order to provide society in Thailand and beyond with the tools needed to secure a flourishing future. It promotes research, extended ducational services, and close cooperation with local communities and national Industries.
The Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU).   
 Belize Medical College was founded in 1996. The University is located in Belize City, Belize. Previously known as British Honduras, Belize lies on the east coast of Central America in the heart of the Caribbean Basin. The country borders Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and is flanked by the Caribbean Sea to the east. Belize offers beaches and a semi tropical climate. It is a small, politically stable Commonwealth country with English as its official language. The University's location in Belize City allows easy access to the United States, Central and South America and Mexico.

Professional Colleges
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