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Pathway Programme - Sweden

We have two universities in Sweden to send our students: 1) Jönköping University 2) Kristainstad University. Both are rated the best 20 universities in the world. They have Normal intake, Exchange program and Internship Programs Pathway Programmes are given to anyone who is out of touch with education for a long duration. The age limit is 40 years.

Pathway Programme

The Language Pathway Programmes are designed for international students who want to improve their English language proficiency in combination with an introduction to the Swedish language and familiarization with Swedish society and culture. In addition, the Pathway Programmes provide knowledge of higher education in Sweden and how to communicate in an academic environment.

The Math and Natural Sciences Pathway Programmes are pathways for bachelor studies in Business or Engineering and can only be taken in combination with a succeeding degree programme at Jönköping University.

If you meet some of the academic requirements for a degree programme but lack the level of required English proficiency and/or Math/Physics/Chemistry, you may apply to one of our pathway programmes. We will provide you with the necessary skills for your academic journey. In addition, the Pathway Programmes provide study skills and knowledge of the Swedish environment- for you to meet the expectations of university studies in Sweden.

Conditional Offer to a Degree Programme Pathway

When you have successfully completed a Pathway Programme, you may enter a pre-selected and eligibility assessed degree programme without any further testing.

How to apply
Jonkoping University will receive nominations from the student’s home university, after which the student will be provided with a username and password to be able to log in to our online application. All exchange students are required to apply online and to fill out all the information requested in the application such as personal information, choice of courses, and so forth.

Required documents
After completing the online application, the student must have the Choice of Courses confirmation signed by the coordinator at their home institution and upload it in the online application system, together with a copy of their transcript of records and passport, before the application deadline. We do not require any original documents.

When do I receive the letter of acceptance?
The application can take between 2 to 3 weeks to be processed. We kindly ask students to be patient. European students will only receive their letters of acceptance by e-mail (if they do not request the original). Students from outside Europe will receive it by e-mail and to their home address (to be able to apply for a residence permit).

Courses that do not attract a minimum number of participants may be cancelled. In that case students must choose another course. In addition, it is possible that some courses may clash with each other. Thus, it is important that all exchange students select alternative courses in the online application form. School of Education and Communication also reserves the right to limit exchange student enrollment in classes that are at capacity.

Undergraduate Programmes
International Management, Bachelor programme
Marketing Management, Bachelor programme
Sustainable Enterprise Development, Bachelor programme
International Economics, Bachelor programme
New Media Design, Bachelor programme
Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Bachelor programme
Prosthetics and Orthotics, Bachelor Programme
Visual Effects, Higher Education Diploma

Master's Programmes
Information Architecture and Innovation
International Financial Analysis
International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
International Marketing
Strategic Entrepreneurship
Global Management
Digital Business
Engineering Management
Economic Analysis
Product Development and Materials Engineering
Industrial Design
User Experience Design
Software Product Engineering
Production Development and Management
Sustainable Building Information Management
International Communication
Interventions in Childhood
EDUCARE The Swedish Preschool Model

jönköping University
Kristianstad University