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Why should a university register with Professional Colleges?

From the time of inception in 2007 our team of experts have done a research on the challenges faced by the Universities/Colleges, Industries and the students in acquiring the right skills for getting the employment after finishing the training programs in the campus. The three segments

   Students Community 

have developed solution to cope with the challenges in the following manner:
The solutions made by the universities/colleges is to upskill the training programs to match the industry requirements. This has been partly successful but the additional time, money & infrastructure required for this process has been a great constrain for the management to deliver the quality training for the students. The lack of real time hands on training for live project & the constant change in the technology front made this venture a big failure in the long run.

The industries have developed a training division to give the students real-time hands on training programs so that the students can be put on their projects after completion of the training programs. This has brought a great burden on the shareholders of the industry due to the expenses incurred during the training process and the difficulty in retaining the trained candidates for a long duration. The Industry needs billable workforce from the time of deployment to reduce the project costs.

The student’s community used to take additional programs outside the campus to match the demand of the industries. This was also not fruitful due to the time constrains as well as the lack of real-time exposure with live projects. The huge course fees is another factor which made it difficult for good students to take such add-on programs to enhance the skillsets.

Our team has developed a process by which the students will get hands on experience during their training program in the campus by taking internship in the industries relevant to their specialization. This has proved to be the best model giving full satisfaction to all three segments.

The universities/colleges find it more effective by giving internship programs reducing their cost on infrastructure, faculty overheads and increasing employment rates from campus placements. Professional Colleges provides total solution for the universities/colleges in giving specialized training by subject matter experts in campus, deploying students for internship in India as well as overseas depending upon the specialization. Our students exchange programs enable the management to give international training standards bringing great value to the institution. Our team ensures foreign national students to take up programs from the university/colleges thereby bringing more revenue, better branding in the universal education market.

Industries have given a warm welcome to our initiative which has given them a great opportunity to reduce training costs which was taking a great toll on their profits. They can now take-up projects on lesser competitive pricing, train the students on internship & deploy them during the project execution. Their recruitment process has been reduced to a great extend due to our HR team of experts who are subject matter experts with real-time project exposure.

Students are very comfortable with our team since they are getting their best opportunities and exposure in their relevant specialization with our wasting their financial resources and precious time on add-on training programs with absolutely no results. Professional Colleges gives them the right guidance to select the best programs in the most affordable fees give them orientation to enhance their career and put them on internship programs to mold them in their career path. They will be able to earn money during their course program which gives the financially backward good students a great opportunity with international exposure. The students exchange program give equal opportunity for all students to take few semesters in foreign universities which helps them learn the culture and standards of that region. The students from foreign universities will also come to Indian campus for few semesters which will enhance cultural exchange among the students. This has a great impact on the campus life which brings new energy levels in the student’s attitude.