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Founder: Dr. George K Lewis

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Lewis Group Inc., is the Founder of Professional Colleges and is accountable for the overall performance and management of the company and its business operations. He is responsible for conceptualizing the mission, building its goals, and articulating the activities which will fulfill these goals. This includes positioning strategic plans, policies, and procedures.

Dr. Lewis has an extensive career in higher education, human rights, and business. He holds permanent elementary and high school teaching credentials, and has taught at the community college and university levels. He also has been a college administrator and president. Being a Canadian citizen, he is in the chief advisory committee of universities in Canada, USA, South America and Asian Countries. He has developed new educational programs in outreach services, basic education and life skills as well as being involved in affirmative action programs.

Academically, Dr. Lewis holds a Bachelor's degree from McMaster University, a Master of Education degree from Wayne State University, and a Ph.D. degree from Ball State University. As an anthropologist and psychological counselor, he is experienced in the Caribbean and brings cultural insight into all the off-shore and near shore projects and businesses contemplated by The Lewis Group Inc.

Dr. Lewis's International Education Travel Experience

   In 1989 he traveled to Korea representing Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology to set up contacts to bring in the first group of Koreans to Hamilton, Ontario. 

     During the early 1990's he brought Canada's first visa students from Vietnam to Canada to attend Park Business College. 

     In 1992 along with other Ontario college presidents made a student visa presentation to Canada's External Affairs, Department of Industry, Science and Technology, and Department of Employment and Immigration. 

     In 1994 as director and chair of the Ontario Association of Career Colleges Committee on International Education was a delegate and speaker in Korea at a Canadian government sponsored Globalization Training Forum. 

     During 1995 he was one of fifty educators invited by the Government of Canada to advice on the restructuring of Canada's student visa program. During 2002 he was part of Team Canada's trips to India and Mexico. 

     From 2002 to 2007 he recruited students for international medical schools. 

   His student recruitment trips have taken him to China, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Thailand. 

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